SmartEncrypt is a SaaS encryption solution for SMBs that provides certainty that your company data is protected in the event of a data breach, file access, or data theft.

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  • Fast and seamless deployment that takes less than 10 minutes
  • Cloud based file encryption solution that can be managed, and installed by anyone
  • Affordable, low cost monthly investment that protects against major revenue loss and reputational damage
  • An automated and invisible solution that has zero impact on productivity
  • Protects against unauthorised access to data such as customer lists, high value IP, and protected Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Protects all file types


A solution that provides guaranteed certainty that your data will be protected against all imminent and developing cybers security risks.

Protects against data loss from insider threats - 85% of employees admitted to taking company documents when they left a business. In a survey by Osterman Research, 69% of organisations cite data loss when an employee leaves.

Often, this data is highly sensitive, such as proprietary code, customer and prospect information. In some cases, employees may not intentionally take data out the door, but often, malicious intent is involved. Departing employees, contractors, service providers and temporary workers are all threats to an organisations data security.


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